The Mandate of the Ravenqueen

Session 1 - Setting out

The party began their quest in Ravenkeep, a training enclave for warrior of the Raven Queen. They traveled to the main sanctuary after receiving a summons from the mysterious high priest, a half-orc cleric with high glasses named Rashnar, and were presented with their quest: They were to investigate and if seen, destroy a possible zombie threat in the nearby town of Stonehold.

The party rode for the better part of a day before making camp, and that night during most of the watch both Erar and Feanari heard the sounds of predatory animals in the underbrush. During the next day, the party came across a man who had been crushed beneath his own cart, and two wolf carcasses. As they investigated further, the wolves rose up from their death and attacked. At one point they took Adolannan down, but Erar and Feanari were able to keep him from dying and kill off the wolves. They gleaned further reports of undead monsters from Stonehold and continued on their way after sending the man back to Ravenkeep with one of their horses.

Arriving at Stonehold the following day, they found the gate partially open and unguarded, a rare sight for the most well guarded town in the Raven Queen’s kingdom. They wandered the streets heading for the main tower, which hopefully held the towns leading cleric, and the answers they were seeking.

The party wanders into a market after going up and down a few streets, and in the center is a small, shaking figure of a boy. Upon further inspection he is around 11 years old, and has multiple bite marks on his right arm. On seeing his wounds, Adolannan quickly interjects, “Let’s bash his head in.” The voice of (un)reason won out however, and the party decided to carry the boy with them to the tower. They barely made it half a block before Adolannan felt a stabbing pain in his neck, the boy on his back had turned undead faster than any of them could have expected.

Now feeling a much greater sense of urgency, everyone sprinted for the tower, climbed up on top of a nearby building and used an elaborate strategy of teleporting rope to each building in succession until everyone was on the last roof before they reached the tower. They made it past the few zombies milling around in front of the tower, and after a series of loud knocks on the door and shouts inside the tower, the door opened, and the heroes were led up the tower to safety.



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