Connection Information

One of my players has requested that we do not use skype, but a different voice chat program for communication. It is callled Ventrillo, and can be found here: ( Please download the client software, and when it is ready, the connection information will be available here:

Server Name:
Port: 3950
Password: Will be sent to players prior to the start of the game.

Some helpful advice: Whenever you start up your ventrilo, run it as administrator. When you are connected go to the setup menu and enable overlay function. This will eliminate the need to minimize/maximize windows in order to talk,use the vtt,open browsers,pdf’s ect.

Another suggested function is to enable a hotkey for push to talk. This eliminates background noise and open mics. The letter Z makes a nice key for me because I barely use it for anything else.

For the battle map, we will be using Maptools. The latest version can be found here: ( The connection information is here:

Click ‘File’ then ‘Connect to Server’
Enter your Character name in the ‘Username’ box
*Choose the ’Direct" tab about halfway down the box

Enter ‘’ in the ‘Address box’
Enter ‘51234’ in the ‘Port’ box

Connection Information

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