The Mandate of the Ravenqueen

Session 5 - Bar Fight!

After regaining their breath, the party noticed that they were drawing a lot of attention, probably because of their purple garb in a town where the servants of Death are probably not welcome. After unsuccessfully avoiding pursuit for a few blocks, everyone felt firm hands grasp their shoulders and hoods pulled over their heads. The party felt themselves thrown on a cart and were carried for fifteen minutes before arriving at their destination and have their bonds removed. Their captor introduced himself as Lanir, a priest of Bahomet, along with his friars, Rasq Ironmaw and Skeith Karthanos, two dragonborn paladins of the God of Justice. Lanir continues to explain that they were “kidnapped” for their own protection, for detection in their current attire could mean death at the hands of the goblins, who all serve Orcus in this city. Everyone is provided with silvery-gray cloaks which cover their current garb and are issued an invitation to stay the the temple whenever they should have such a need. (Lokiren is also introduced as a fellow priest of Bahomet and joins the party along with Skeith)

After this harrowing adventure, the party promptly sought out the nearest bar.

The bartender, a shifty-eyed eladrin clad in black robes talks to Lokiren for a bit in the language of their people, and convinces him to play along in a prank, and give the rest of the party enchanted ale. Because dragonborn and dwarves can never stand down to the challenge of a drinking contest, and because Rathis’ ego is a bit big for a human, everyone besides Lokiren promply swallows a few mugs of the dark brew, which refills within the original mugs it was poured in.

After a minute or so, everyone who had been drinking began to see mist at the corners of their vision, which eventually formed into the spectral visages of four men. Four men who promptly attacked the party.

After the fight, which ended surprisingsly well for the party, the eladrin introduced himself to the party, and offered them a job disposing of a few of the human king’s advisers because they passed his “test.” After some debate and deliberation (aka, Lokiren and Rathis said yes, and Erar and Skeit followed along) the party agreed to take the job and stumbled back to Bahomet’s temple for an extended rest.



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