The Mandate of the Ravenqueen

Session 4 - The 'Effing Door Bit Me Again!

After their extended rest, the party took the map of caves from the wall of the tower and headed north, toward the location marked the “Eye of the Kingdom.” (“31D” on the map) After walking for awhile, they reached the base of a long stair which took them to a large oaken door after a few flights. After a quick debate they decided to use Thunderwave to force it open, which startled the guards outside.

They were set upon by the guards at the top of the tower, as well as their trained hawks, and they barely managed to fend them off. After a rest they headed back down to the fork in the path (“31B”) only to discover a warded door which damaged any who touched it. After some searching, the party realized that they had forgotten to loot the bodies at the tower for a key, and after a long trek back and back again, they returned with a shiny key which opened the door. They also found a Handy Haversack and some gold. Erar used his new found endless bag to take 40-or-so everlasting torches from the cave walls.

More travel happened, and the party eventually came upon a plaza which had an open ceiling, and was walled by building cut into the stone of the mountain. An elf and a human emerged, and informed the party that their Raven Queen garb was likely to get them killed in the goblin controlled territory. After ignoring this advice, the party tried to sneak past the goblin fortress itself (“31I” on the map), but were managed to get spotted and take a few arrow wounds before they escaped the fortress. On his way out the gate, Adolannan had the presence of mind to cut the chain which held it open, and bought the party valuable time.

The sessions closed with everyone gazing in awe at a gigantic city which they never even knew existed before…



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