The Mandate of the Ravenqueen

Session 3 - The Ogre

The party ventured forth from Stonehold using their magic Star-compass, and arrived at the edge of the mountains around early evening. Erar found an indent in a rock that the star fit into, and the mechanism opened a doorway leading into the blackness.

After about fifteen minutes of walking through a dark tunnel, the passage widened out into a vast caver, cut in half by a giant wooden gate. A massive ogre stood chained by both hands to the gate, and a few goblins were seen patrolling around the top of the gate, and in the watchtowers on either side. Rathis managed to sneak into the right-hand watchtower and assassinate two goblins, before alerting the rest of the party to begin attacking.

The ensuing fight was chaos. At least eight "1"s were rolled by the party, and for the first half of the fight, only one or two hits were scored by either side. After a few near death experiences, everyone managed to clean up the goblins and the ogre, and ended the session with an extended rest in the guart tower.

  • Each party member now has 200gp each worth of gold and jewels
  • Everyone is LVL 2 with 2,100xp (total)

The party also found a map to the tunnels:
(They were currently at “31E”)



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